Recruitment And Selection Policy

Our recruitment and selection procedures aim at providing equal opportunities in employment. Through training, we attempt to make sure that employees placed in charge of making recruitment and selection decisions for the company avoid unlawful discrimination, both of the conscious and the unconscious variety.

Our policy is to hire, promote, and advance employees solely on the basis of merit. All decisions related to hiring, recruitment, promotion or advancement are made on this basis.

From time to time, all job descriptions, if utilized, shall be reviewed and revised to make sure that they comply with our policy of equal opportunity.

When we place advertisements for job vacancies, they shall embody a non-discriminatory approach. Our application process is reviewed constantly to ensure only relevant experience, skills or vetting questions in line with BS7858 are asked relevant to the job being applied for. Gender, Race, Nationality, Religion or other Protected Characteristics data is not collected or used in any of our job applications.

We are committed to providing fair treatment to each and every job applicant, and Consider all applicants only on the basis of their ability to carry out the essential functions of the job, legally, professionally and competently. All job interview questions are of a non-discriminatory nature, and only concern job or security vetting requirements.

Date: 25/02/2019